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TV Commercials, Paper ads or traditional forms of marketing are quickly becoming irrelevant. Users are blind to interruption ads and the situation is only getting worse. Digital marketing builds Engaged audiences, converts new customers, and drives a powerful ROI (Return of Investment)

Goals are unachievable if you do not have an online business plan that includes an integrated digital strategy, tactics and milestones. This phase will explore where you are, where you want to go and what needs to happen along the way.

We help large-medium-small companies improve their customer experience using digital media. Our team of strategists, marketers, analysts, data scientists, engineers, moderators and business professionals work together to transform how brands connect with their customers in digital media

We plan and assess, choose the right platform, create and launch, engage and cultivate and, last but not the least, measure and evaluate so that your brand gets the desired ROI and profit as a result, and not the strategy itself.

Our primary goal isn’t to make your company “look active on social media”, it is to drive a real ROI. That means more followers, more sales, and a stronger brand presence.

To prove our confidence, we don’t require long term contracts or lock you into a “1 year minimum” agreement. We offer short term engagements on the basis that by the end of your first campaign with us, you’ll see measurable results and increase your spend. We only make money by making you money.

Why your Brand need to present at Online?

  • 91 million internet user in Bangladesh
  • 03 mobile internet user
  • 20 million Facebook user in Bangladesh

Our platforms of Digital marketing are:

  • Social media (Facebook & LinkedIn)
  • Search engine (Google)
  • YouTube
  • Mobile apps

Reach your customers WHERE THEY ARE !!

The Downside to Traditional Advertising

·      TV Ads are too expensive eg 20, 00, 00 (Twenty lac) in a month.

·      When was the last time you watch TV or read hard copy newspaper?

·      Longer turnaround times.

·      Hard to track results.

·      Disconnected from your clients.

·      You can’t build a relationship with your customers and potential new customers.

·      Your customer can’t tell his/her hurt feeling directly to you.


 Some of Authorized Certificate about Facebook Marketing from Facebook




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